Our story

We're a group of Bay Area community members who grew up witnessing and experiencing social injustice. After years of working with the underserved through health and social organizations, we realized a better model was possible — for everyone. We're convinced a broader definition of health and comprehensive care can do more for us all. We want to achieve this through better access to services and changing quality of life on all levels.

What we're doing

We're starting with free dental care, because that's where the biggest need is right now. Our health care professionals saw dental care as the least accessible yet most expensive service for anyone, whether it's because of insurance coverage or high demand at other providers. We want to fill that need, from fillings to crowns and dentures.

Where we're going

We envision a comprehensive health model that includes quality medical, dental, vision, employment and housing services. We believe this can lift our communities out of poverty and put them on a better path to a better future.